Plugfones Earplug Headphones

  • $31.95

Plugfones are earplugs and earbuds in one, great for noisy construction and manufacturing environments, The soft earplug tips allows for a long comfortable wear time and it comes with 1 pair of silicone earplug tips and 1 pair of foam earplug tips used interchangeably. You can trust that the ergonomic earplug fit assures they don't easily fall out of your ears.

Plugfones offer hearing protection and music at the same time, so you be sure your hearing is protected but you can enjoy your tunes at the same time. Plugfones are great for construction, factory work, landscaping, mowing the lawn and more. Engineered to help protect hearing, Plugfones function just like traditional earplugs but with the added benefit of audio. Listen to audiobooks, music and more with Plugfones. They are great for those working or recreating in noisy environments who want to protect their hearing while having the convenience of listening to music or audio.

You better believe that Plugtones have been lab tested and offer an NRR rating of 25. Each pair of comes with a pair of silicone earplugs and a pair of foam earplugs which can be easily switched depending on the user's preference and activity. Plugfones offers a tuned speaker which provides enhanced bass and an upgraded sound quality experience over the Original Plugfones model. The New Line of Plugfones Products includes the following features: Double Reinforced Jack, Flexible Wire Casing, Enhanced Audio Quality via a Tuned Speaker, Comfort Fit Interchangeable Foam and Silicone Plugs. Please use extreme care and caution when using Plugfones to avoid personal injury. 

Great gift for those who work in loud environments and want to zone out the noise. You can trust you are getting the best product out there that will help you relax and unwind even in the work place! May vary slightly from those pictured.

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