Orbitwheels Skates

  • $94.99

The portable transportation craze won’t be over any time soon. The Orbitwheels skates are another innovative invention of this trend that brings compact ease and a new riding experience to fans of skateboarding and inline skating. Move over, hover boards and inline skates, there is a new king in town!

  • Large wheel design is a technology feat never seen before, and can be used with ease on various surfaces
  • Movement of the rider is used to power and maneuver the devices, no batteries required
  • Enjoyable challenge body and foot movements, the learning curve is steep yet rewarding
  • Included is a band that connects the two feet together as training for the harder tricks
  • Compact body is easy to carry and easy to clean, and is available in several flashy colors
  • Ride the wave in a unique way and watch heads turn in your direction!
Stay ahead of the trends, both literally and figuratively. Enjoy challenging your balance and control and find rewards in completing the mastery of this cool and unique riding equipment! Impress your friends with your skill and speed, any time and anywhere!

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