Iron Hand Ashtray

  • $19.99

This Cigar Ashtray is more than an ashtray and can be used for a lot of things like decorating your office, cabin, living room or bookshelf. This antique cigar ashtray is a solid piece.

Specially crafted from cast iron, making it heavier than your regular ashtray; this becomes an advantage as it is impossible for it to suddenly move from the spot you placed it. The quality and design of this product is highly impressive.

Iron hand Cigar Ashtray has a flat underneath making it stable at all time. It is nicely coated with rust brown and silver color coating giving it a pleasant simple look. This doesn't just only add more beauty to the ashtray but also makes sure it won't get damaged by cigarettes, this ashtray is indomitable.


· High quality nearly indestructible

· Amazing gift idea for men

· A decent ashtray which does the job of holding cigar excellent

· Attractive and versatile

· Accommodates more than one cigar at once

· Built to withstand outdoor and frequent use

· Unique design making it perfect a decoration with or without cigar

The cast Iron Hand Antique Ashtray is a Perfect gift for men on Father's Day, anniversary, birthday and other occasions. Get the Independence Day cigar ashtray which is more than an ashtray.

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