Expedition Sky Flare

  • $10.50

The National Geographic Expedition Sky Flare is great for kids that want their fellow explorers to know where they are. The Expedition Sky Flare soars up to 50 feet high and is easy and safe to use. The sky flaree includes an Explorer Activity Guide so you can know more about the great outdoors. The sky flare is great for ages 8 and up, as long as adult assistance and supervisión is available. CAUTION: Do not aim directly at people or animals. It’s non-stop, light-up, high flying action!

Launch your new Expedition Sky Flare and watch as it lands safely back to earth. Not only is the Expedition Sky Flare full of fun entertainment, it also serves the purpose of letting people know where you are. If you happen to be outdoors around sundown, simply launch your Expedition Sky Flare high and the LED light will activate and shine brightly, to let everyone know where you are. You can embark on your outdoor journey knowing you will be safe and easy to locate. Become the avid explorer you want to be knowing your are completely safe!

Have fun with your Expedition Sky Flare by launching it and seeing where it will land. Practice by launching your Sky Flare in an open area or field and create your own Bull’s-eye target, judge the wind speed and launch! Challenge your friends and become a pro. The National Geographic Society was created for the “increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge”, this Society is dedicated to the exploration of the world. Their constant contribution has helped create the Expedition Sky Flare so you can learn and have fun at the same time. National Geographic support the exploration, conservation, research, and educational programs that make a better understanding of our planet posible.

You get the Expedition Sky Flare, launcher and the Activity Field Guide. Start exploring!

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