Bubble Calendar

  • $29.99

Have you ever woken up and instantly wanted to destroy your alarm clock? It is not cool replacing your alarm clocks daily. The Bubble Calendar is a 365 day poster-sizedwall calendar with a bubble to pop loudly every day of the year!It includes colored dots to mark birthdays, holidays and special events.

Few things in life are more satisfying than popping bubble wrap. This poster-sized wall calendar lets you do this every blessed day. The hardest part will be avoiding the temptation to pop all of them at once! You no longer need to destroy other household materials or get attractions from neighbors.

This Calendar is a brilliant concept giving you pleasure of popping bubbles in the bubblewrap. There are extra bubbles to pop if you wish. The Bubble Calendar is well made, sturdy and of good size.

Key Features

· Huge! 48" x 15.5" (122cm x 39cm) poster calendar

· Heavy Bubbles for a bigger POP

· Typeset in Helvetica Neue

· The calendars are printed on thick paper (80 pound cover stock)

· Easy to read with a clean modern look

· Very loud pop.

· The bubble calendar is fun and of Lightweight

· Stickers can be attached on top of the bubble to mark any special dates in color.

· Teaches self-control.

The Bubble Calendar can be given as a countdown to a special event like graduation or retirement. A wall calendar you can't stop popping!

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