Apple and Potato Peeler

  • $14.99

Do you really love apple and potatoes but don’t really care for the peel? The Basics apple and potato peeler is here to help. Pealing by hand can be a tedious and tiresome task when the apple and potato count is more than one or two. This is a made easy and quick way to peel apples and potatoes for your favorite’s dishes. The durable stainless steel machine is a necessary accessory to have in your kitchen. Back to Basics Apple and Potato Peeler is more time consuming than other apple peeler machine.

For apples it can quickly peel, core and slice with a few turns of the handle. You don’t need to worry, the unit is sturdy enamel-coated cast-iron and all the stainless steel blades are adjustable and replaceable.

It works with a wide variety of potato and apple sizes, even ones that are pretty large.

Key Features

· A classic style and functions, making it easy for coring, slicing, and peeling apples and potatoes.

· Perfect for salads, pies, canning, drying, delicious treats, and everyday kitchen use.

· It is made of enamel-coated cast-iron with stainless-steel blades and a chrome shaft for longer durability.

· Designed to stand up to heavy use; provides years of trouble-free service.

· All of the blades are replaceable, so there is nothing to every wear out.

· It takes about 5 minutes to set up - the instructions only need you to screw on the plastic handle and the holding prong in place.

· It will definitely last for years even with heavy usage. It doesn't move around even when not clamped with its clamping lever. 

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