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Mini Robot You Can Control With Your Phone- Omnibot Hello

MIP is a new self-balancing robot from WowWee which uses technology similar to a segway to stay upright. You can control the mini robot from your smart phone as well as make it drive, play games, dance, battle, balance, and more. The robot ...Read More..

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NEW Bedfan - Bed Fan - Bed Cooling - Bed Air Conditioner

Keep cool in bed. The bed fan keeps you cool by bed air conditioning under the sheets. Keep cool all year round while sleeping.Read More..

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Zoomer Dino - Interactive Robot Dinosaur

Control him if you can! Boomer is the incredible Zoomer Dino that only you can tame! He can sense where you are and what you're doing! Using True Balance Technology™, Boomer perfectly balances while roaming freely around your home! Get him ang...Read More..

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Japanese Samurai Sword Umbrella

To defend your honor & keep dry, a sword handle umbrella is the only solution. With a Samurai sword umbrella you’...Read More..

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Air Hogs RC - Zero Gravity Laser Racer

Defy the laws of gravity with patented Wall Climbing Technology. Drive along the floor, up the wall or even upside down! The built-in infrared sensors chase the remote controls laser beam in any direction you point it. It's fun, and easy to co...Read More..

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Dark Spot Removal Pen

The XIANSHIXIEUMEI pen removes dark spots and freckles to clear out your skit and make it look smooth again.  It is easy to use and easy to remove the dark spots.  It works by using a high-tech, electric ion carbonation function and instantly ...Read More..

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Pizza Oven Box For Your Grill

The BakerStone pizza oven box allows you to bake gourmet pizza in 2-4 minutes.  It is designed provides a cooking chamber made of pizza stone material that utilizes convective, conductive and radiant heat to bake foods at 600-800 degrees.  It ...Read More..

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Reclining Umbrella Chair

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors next to a beach or at the park or just in your back yard with this reclining umbrella chair.  This three position recliner chair will let you adjust the chair to your comfort level from sitting to laying back.  The...Read More..

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Inflatable Seesaw For Pool

Play on this giant fun inflatable seesaw right in your pool.  This is the perfect time to get in the pool with friends and enjoy a fun game of seesaw like you would on the playground.  Made from durable heave gauge vinyl built to last long.  I...Read More..

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Virtual Reality Headset

Delve into the realm of virtual reality with the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset.  This VR headset is light weight and easy to wear so that you can watch and play with ultimate comfort.  It features an easy to use touch pad and has a w...Read More..

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Giant Unicorn Pool Float

This awesome giant unicorn float is the perfect way to enjoy this summer.  It is made with soft and durable material and will not deflate like other floats.  It is large enough to hold 2 adults at once and more than 600 lbs.  Its graceful appe...Read More..

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Solar Powered Backpack

Become more energy efficient with this solar powered backpack that can travel anywhere with you.  The Sunlabz 7W will power up your gadgets and small mobile essentials using solar energy with the attached solar panel and the Voltage Stability ...Read More..

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Pet Safe Smart Door

A smart door for your pet is the best gift you can get for your pet and for you home.  The PetSafe SmartDoor is programmable and will allow selective entry for your pet only.  It also comes with an LED plastic frame for sensitive control.  Thi...Read More..

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Scientific Coffee Siphon

Brew coffee like a mad scientist with this unique new scientific tool.  The Hario coffee TCA-3 has a capacity to fill 360ml of pure liquid gold (coffee), which is about 3 cups.  The glass is heat resistant to allow your coffee to brew to its o...Read More..

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Lyrix Axis Levitating Speaker

The Lyrix axis is the fun, levitating Bluetooth speaker that wirelessly charges while it plays all of the music on your Bluetooth-enabled devices with a range of 33 feet. featuring premium, crystal-clear, room-filling sound from the 8 Watt ...Read More..

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Munitio Nines Earphones

The Munitio Nines Earphones, the titanium coated machined copper alloy housing with Munitio's Bass Enhancing Chamber engineered to produce the deepest, most accurate bass without any distortion. The silicone hollow points with noise isolati...Read More..

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Wireless Garage Door Sensor

The Gogogate2 Wireless Garage Door Sensor is a universal garage door controllers with wireless sensor included. Works great on iPhone, Android phone, PC, Tablet and even Apple Watch. Real time garage door status and temperature monitoring f...Read More..

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Electronic Aerator and Dispenser

The Vinaera Electronic Aerator and Dispenser is a one touch operation that makes aerating your wine convenient while only aerating was is being dispensed it also perfectly seals your bottle top making it perfect for parties. The Vinaera Electr...Read More..

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SteakChamp Thermometer

 The SteakChamp Thermometer is the best tool for cooking every steak to just the right point, whatever your preference is. The thermometer is a cordless stainless steel probe, made for compact use anywhere, anytime. Measure the core meat te...Read More..

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Dog House With View

Your pets will love this luxurious and spacious house that offers so much more than just a place to sleep.  This awesome dog house features a lower lounge area, which is raised to ensure they keep dry.  It has steps along the side like a bunk ...Read More..

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